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4591 NEW : Diabolo 600SE Kit (Pre-Order)

4591 NEW : Diabolo 600SE Kit (Pre-Order)

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Technical datas

  • Main rotor diameter: 1,32-1,40m (blade length: 570-611mm)
  • Two stage, quiet running, helical delrin gear
  • 12mm mainshaft
  • 8 mm spindle
  • Quiet belt driven tailrotor
  • Tailrotor diameter: 280-290mm
  • Length with canopy: 116 cm
  • Length w/o canopy: 107 cm
  • Height: 39 cm
  • Skid width: 20 cm
  • Hanging battery mount on a locked battery rail for a high CG
  • Battery tray: 64 mm high, 64 mm wide
  • Rotor direction clockwise, recommended headspeed 1500-2200 rpm

Recommended Equipment

Motor: 4025-4030, typical 4025/1000-1100Kv for 6s, 800-850 for 8s, 600-700 for 10s and 550-560 for 12s

ESC: <8s: Hobbywing 150AV5, YGE Saphir; >8s: YGE Aureus 135, Hobbywing 130
Swash servos: f.e. Low profile servos like MKS HBL 575 or similar
Tailservo: f.e. Futaba BLS 276
Receiver: f.e. Futaba 6303
FBL-System: f.e. V-Stabi, Spirit, Futaba CGY 760R (with Futaba-Tx), BD Axon
Battery: f.e. 6s/4500, 7s/4000, 8s/3700, 10s/3300

The Diabolo 600SE is a slightly in rotor diameter reduced version of the Diabolo 700 with reduced number of parts to reduce weight.

The central frame of the Diabolo 600SE is identical to the Diabolo 700SE. Only the maingear wheel is adapted in its width to the lower load on the rotor disk. So it is possible to convert the model later even to a 800 model.

Compared to the Diabolo 700SE we made the following modifications:

- 15 cm shorter boom with 30mm width 

- smaller canopy, either the classic Diabolo 600 canopy or the 3D canopy

- smaller bolts and thinner rods to the servos on the outher swashplate ring to fit the smaller canopy

- 4mm less width main gear wheel

- one piece maingear plate

- new designed lower mast gearing plate to fit low profile servos

- only one piece ESC CF plate, perfect f.e. for Hobbywing 150A V5

We kept the landing gear of the Diabolo 700SE that is still in daily use on the prototype reached now more than 800 autos with particulary rough touchdowns.

Also the 1:1 rotor head is continued with modified blade control arms. So also under high cyclic and collective pitch rates there is no difference in the blade angle. For this the arms and hub was designed new to provide more travel at the closer arm. The linkage below the swashplate was also modified. The servos are now more inside the frame so that the linkage is on the outside of the servo arm. The rotorhub can be ordered alternatively as dampened version or rigid version. 

The battery mount is also the same as in the 700. Following the trend to mount smaller batteries now the tray is more to the front, fixed against movings backwards and fasted locked with two carbon clamps besides.

The 600SE can as the Diabolo 600 also flown without supports and without beding force inducer using a slightly thicker tailboom.

The mainframe of the Diabolo SE was consequently cleaned from now unnecessary parts and equipped particulary with new ones. Cutouts for easier built and maintenance were added and the overall weight of the frame is again very low.

Note: We complete and finish each kit after order because of some choices that are possible. So the typical delivery time is between two and four weeks. If a essential parts is missing then also sometimes even longer.


SKU: MC4591


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