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FF950-00026 Freefly Mōvi Controller

FF950-00026 Freefly Mōvi Controller

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Product Details


  • Control of the pan, tilt, and roll come from a 2-axis joystick and any input knob you choose to assign to roll control.

    • Roll control on Mōvi Controller will be limited to trimming or small adjustments. If you want full roll control, add one or more Mōvi Wheels to your kit. 

    This controller provides gimbal telemetry from the Mōvi (M-Series, Mōvi Pro, Mōvi Carbon or Mōvi XL) and allows the user to access Mōvi system menus to enable on the fly adjustment of key Mōvi parameters.

    • If you are operating a RED camera, you can also control camera parameters and playback through the RED RCP Cable, on Mōvi Pro or Mōvi XL. 

    There are individual inputs to allow to control focus, iris and zoom.

    • With a RED camera and Canon EF lenses on Mōvi Pro or XL you can control the focus and iris through the RED RCP Cable
    • For all other camera and lens combinations, through the integrated 3-axis lens control system in the Mōvi Pro, Mōvi Carbon and Mōvi XL, you can control compatible external lens motors

    The Mōvi Controller also simplifies the remote control station by providing power for an LCD monitor and wireless video system. A single v-lock battery will power your controller, monitor, wireless video system, and additional 5 or 12v accessories. There are several power outputs on the controller: 

    • 12V 3A 2-pin LEMO (not ARRI pinned)
    • 12V 50W D-Tap (on the v-lock plate)
    • 5V USB A (two!)


In the Box

  • Mōvi Controller
  • Mōvi Controller Receiver (2.4Ghz)
  • USB A-A Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Focus Knob Label Ring
  • Neck Strap
  • Spare Receiver Mounting Tape
  • Controller Aux Power Cable
  • Mōvi Controller Receiver Cable for M10
  • Mōvi Controller Receiver Cable for M5/M15
  • IDX P-VS2 V-Mount Battery Plate with Power Cable
  • Monitor Mount
  • Tripod Mount
  • Foam designed for Pelican 1500 cases





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