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4800 Diabolo 800 Kit

4800 Diabolo 800 Kit

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The Big Diabolo

Download Bauanleitung Diabolo 800+ (PDF / 55MB)

Technical specifications

Rotor diameter: 1.80m (recommended blade length: 770-810mm)
Weight without battery: 3.6 kg
Two-stage, very quietly running helical-toothed spur gear
Smooth-running belt drive of the tail rotor with automatic length compensation through spring-loaded vibration damper
Ratio tail rotor drive 5.07: 1
Tail rotor diameter: 320mm three-bladed
Length with hood: 1.47 m
Length without hood: 1.36 m
Height: 39cm
Runner width 26 cm, optionally 22 cm
Tail boom diameter: 30mm vibration-absorbing, anodized aluminum
Hanging battery installation for a high center of gravity
Battery bay: 68 (74) mm high, 64 mm wide
Direction of rotor rotation right

Recommended accessories

Motor: X-Nova 4530-450
Reduction: 16Z (12.3: 1)
Controller: Hobbywing 130A V4, Hobbywing 160HV V4
Rotor blades: NHP Razorblades 800
Tail rotor blades: 120mm three-bladed, No. 1087
Swashplate servos: Futaba BLS 471, BLS272, BLS273
Tail servo: Futaba BLS 276
Receiver: e.g. Futaba 6303SB
FBL system: Futaba CGY 760R (with Futaba transmitter), Bavarian Demon Axon, V-Stabi, Spirit

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