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5101 Heli-Baby NT Kit (Pre-Order)

5101 Heli-Baby NT Kit (Pre-Order)

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The kits contains: all mechanical parts for assembling the model, ready mounted landing gear, ready cutted canopy halfes, seat, glue, mounting material, stickers, tailblades, swash justation tool, blade caddy. All parts listed in the equipment column are not included.


Note: We complete and finish each kit after order. So the typical delivery time is between two and four weeks. If a essential parts is missing then also sometimes even longer.


Download Manual Heli-Baby NT (PDF / 12,7MB) 


The Heli-Baby, designed from engineer Dieter Schluter and published on the Nurnberg toy fair in 1975, was a fixed pitch RC helicopter with 1 meter rotor diameter and the first pod-and-boom model with aluminum frame worldwide. It can be seen as the forebear of all modern RC-helicopters. It was built between 1975 and 1981 in high amounts and based on its ruggedness it was the first really beginner model. The optical highlight of the Heli-Baby was its bubble canopy assimilated to the Bell 47 with an included seat and  optional pilot with orange overall (important for visibility) that gave it on display and also in the air an extraordinary charm. Since 2007 minicopter has rebuilt the model 100 % original in small series and also offered all the spare parts that helped until today to bring besides of the replicas hundreds of remaining original glow Heli-Babys in the air again. Already to that time there was of course the cry for an electric powered Heli-Baby with collective pitch and so the Super-e-Heli-Baby was introduced. The model flew nice and stable and was a perfect Sunday afternoon model.

There was the wish to design a flybarless version, based on the Super-e-Heli-Baby with a modern swashplate, mail and tailrotor. The typical optical details of the Heli-Baby and the smooth flight items should be the same as the original model. The motor power should give a real oldie feeling in flight. A new detail is the freewheel unit with not driven tailrotor for the possibility of an autorotation. 

The development and the built of the prototype were different in several points to modern helicopter models. Where the flybarless unit should be placed? How to place the antennas? Is it possible to control the tailrotor with an ancient steel wire? How to control with a current of only 30 amps the remaining battery energy? Where to place the telemetry? Many of such unusual questions must be solved, that forced sometimes hard brainwork and improvisations. However, the result satisfied for all the work and the Heli-Baby NT always brings a lot of fun on the flight field where it will be seen.

Heli-Baby NT is for „New Technology“. This term was chosen to point on the jump from ancient to modern technology.

The practical testing of the prototype showed that a development of a model helicopter is still exiting and surprising until today. It was for example totally surprising to find at the beginning no working blades for the Heli-Baby. Starting from the wooden original blades with 450mm length and 40mm chord about one dozen of different blades up to 50mm were tested. But the result has first not satisfied. The original blades were from wood and had a semi symmetrical Clark-Y airfoil and gave so more thrust than fully symmetrical blades and the thrust was already not much on the original Heli-Baby. Finally we decided to offer special blades that were based on the former NHP razor blades that fit perfectly to the model now with 490mm length and 50mm chord.

The motor of the Heli-Baby NT should be an equivalent to a .45 size glow engine like the OS45 FSR that was very popular in the late 70s. These motors had about 1 hp or 750 watts at maximum. The classical gear reduction of only 1:6 is a central item of this model and should be kept. After several calculations the Heli-Baby NT got finally an Orbit motor  from Plettenberg with extra long shaft, that fitted perfect from Kv, torque and maximum power. With this configuration and a 6s/4000 mAh battery you can reach flight times of over 14 minutes. The headspeeds are from 1470 rpm for the allround use to 1750 rpm for simple aerobatics or windy conditions. The Heli-Baby NT likes especially the lower headspeed.

The optic of the model is unique. You get the feeling to fly a real scale model like a Bell 47 but only with the work on a pod-and-boom model.

As pilot puppets you can use such one in 1:6 scale. Die original puppet was sold in the 70s from Hasbro in the series „Action Team“ or „GI Joe“ as „Hard Rock" or ”John Steel”. You can still get one of these original pilots f.e. on e-bay ore alternatively you can use modern pilots for RC-helicopters. A Barbie puppet fits as well if you get her legs more spread.

Flying with the Heli-Baby NT

The flight is optical of course more a scale than a 3D flight. The Heli-Baby NT has wonderful scale flight items and is so also a good model for training scale figures for expensive scale models. The noise of the low reduced gear gives the original and unique Heli-Baby sound. The wide landing gear from 5mm steel wire is good for landing under bad conditions and offers additionally like the pilot a good recognition of the model. The Heli-Baby NT is quite maneuverable and can also become quite fast up to small aerobatics like loops, rolls and inverted. In the daily practice it will be used as wonderful cruiser for cool curves with moderate speed. 



Recommended Equipment

Motor: Plettenberg "Heli-Baby"
ESC: f.e. Hobbywing 60A V4
Telemetry: f.e. Iisi TXE50 V2
Swash-servos: low priced digital servos in standard size
Tailservo: f.e.  Savöx SH 1290 MG
Receiver: 2,4 Ghz
FBL-System: z.B. Microbeast Plus V4 Pro Edition, V-Stabi, Spirit or similar
Battery: 6s 3700-4400mAh/25-30C

Technical datas:

  • Mainrotor diameter: 1,12m (blade length 490mm)
  • Weight ready to fly with battery: from 3.0 kg
  • Single stage, precious milled main gear with direct drive of the tailrotor
  • Easy running drive of the tailrotor direct from motor shaft
  • Tailrotor diameter: 250 mm (blade length 80mm)
  • Length with canopy: 100 cm
  • Height: 39 cm
  • Skid width: 29 cm
  • Standing battery mount with easy Velcro tightening
  • Battery tray: 50 mm high, 60 mm wide
  • Rotor direction: clockwise, recommended headspeed: 1450-1750 rpm

*Pictures and photos for reference only

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