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6000 Minicopter Diabolo 600 Kit (Pre-Order)

6000 Minicopter Diabolo 600 Kit (Pre-Order)

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The Diabolo 600 is from it size intended as a bridge model between the Diabolo 550 and the Diabolo 700. The 600 class is from its history always the best for heli pilots that prefer a more compact model. Despite the easier accomodation the optical presence in the air is very closed to a 700 class model. From the design all elements are also here used that are responsible for the good flight items of both brothers. Nevertheless the Diabolo 600 is with some particulary new features a standalone model. The mechanic is designed clear and compact, items that are loved from intense flyers.


The general frame design of the Diabolo 600 is similar to the most Diabolo models. The box frame guarantees a maximum of stability and results so low maintenance and repair costs during daily use. The toothed belt drive of the tailrotor is now in opportunity to the big Diabolo not under the first stage gear wheel but just above to reach an optimum position of the tailboom. The frame is as well as on the Diaboilo 700 made double framed made from an upper and a lower frame. To keep the change of the tailbelt or the two gear wheels as easy as possible, the frame was designed with a fast maintenance method for these components (Pat pend.) The change of a tailbelt is now a job of maximum 10-15 minutes, also the change of the gearwheels.

A totally new designed rubber damped belt tensioner is in the inner of the frame that can be reached thru a servive hole from besides.

All shaft diameters are taken from the big Diabolo. So the mainshaft has 10 mm diameter, the spindle is 8mm and the tailshaft is 6mm thick, all hardened to get in rough daily use enough reserves. Also the especially for the Diabolo made swashplate bearing with extra low play could be used. The main gear wheel is from the Diabolo 700 and so with a lot of structural reserves.

All beariung blocks are designed with lower width to save weight and also they are thinner using a very high strength type of aluminum.

All cable paths are designed with holes and slots to get the cables fast and easily installed. For the receiver, FBL etc. is a large platform between the frames. Additional the free accessible inner space above the main gear wheel can be used for additional components like battery caps.

The flight battery is fixed in the frame slip free with between two and four easy to fit and light O-rings. Based on the long and free battery compartment the model can be used universal for 6s to 12s batteries. Alternatively the battery tray that is known from the Diabolo 700 can be used here with different size. As battery either a 6s/5000 pack, a 10s/4000 or a 12s/3300 can be used.

The tailrotor is the same as on the Diabolo 700. The mainrotor is equipped with the innovative patented SRC ("single-rod-control") swash driver system already used at the Diabolo 550, where one lever is driving the inner ring of the swash plate and on the other blade grip arm a double ball joint with right/left thred for adjusting tracking is used. Above the swashplate for getting maximum safety all big ball joints from the big Diabolo are used. The blade grips are bushed 5/4mm and equipped with plastic shims to use blades with either 4mm or 5mm bolt holes.

As canopies alternatively a classic Diabolo canopy shrinked to 600 size or the especially for 3D flight from Nick Maxwell designed canopy can be choosed. The mounting points of the canopy are identical to the Diabolo 700 so that there is the chance to change canopies between the models.

As servos standyrd types are recommended, f.e Futaba BLS471 or BLS272.

The frame has an inner width of 56.5mm, so that the use of 45 class motors is theoretically possible. We recommend a motor with a 40 mm stator and a stator length of 25-35 mm of because we found during tests no need of a bigger motor that is also coupled with more weight.


The Diabolo 600 should be flown with either 6s or 12s batteries and components. A 7s battery is then useful if already a HV ESC and batteries are in stock.

Recommended Equipment

6s/7s Drive

Motor: Pyro 650-1030, X-Nova 4025-1120
ESC: YGE Saphir 125, Hobbywing Platinum 120 V4
Battery: 6s/5000 or 7s/4400

10s Drive

Motor: Pyro 650-65, X-Nova 4025-670
ESC: YGE Aureus 135, Hobbywing Platinum 130 V4
Battery: 10s/4000 (2x5s)

12s Drive

Motor: Pyro 650-53, Pyro 700-52, X-Nova 4025-560 or 4525-530
ESC: YGE Aureus 135, Hobbywing Platinum 130 V4


Swashplate servos: Futaba BLS 471, BLS272, MKS HBL 575 SL (please mention this type during order process)
Tailservo: Futaba BLS276
Receiver: f.e. Futaba 6303
FBL-System: f.e. Futaba CGY 760R (with Futaba Tx), Bavarian Demon Axon, V-Stabi NEO, Spirit
Mainblades: f.e. DH 611
Tailblades: 100mm


Technical datas

  • mainrotor diameter: 1.38-1.43m [5.4-5.6"] (blade length 600-625mm [23.6-24.6"])
  • SRC-rotorhead
  • weight without battery: from 2,8 kg [6.2 lb]
  • two stage, quiet helical gear
  • easy running tailbelt drive
  • fast change system for the tailbelt (pat. pend.)
  • all gear wheesl easy to change
  • gear reduction mainrotor: 1:9.5-11.7 (1:10,0;1:10,5;1:11,1)
  • gear transmission tailrotor: 4.8:1 (5.05:1; 5.35:1)
  • tailrotor diameter: 280 mm [11"] (blade length: 100mm [3.9"])
  • length with canopy: 118 cm [46.5"]
  • length without canopy: 107cm [42.1"]
  • height: 35cm [13.8"]
  • skid width: 20cm [7.9"]
  • inner frame width: 56.5mm [2.2"]
  • distance mainshaft center - tailshaft center: 825mm [32.5"]
  • hanging battery mount with O-rings for a high CG, alternatively sliding battery tray
  • battery compartment: 62mm [2.5"] high, 60mm [2.4"] wide
  • cw rotor direction

    *pictures and photos for reference only.

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