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910-00620 Cargo Landing Gear

910-00620 Cargo Landing Gear

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Cargo Landing Gear

Product Details


Freefly Cargo Landing Gear provides Alta users with an expandable and adaptable platform to help speed the integration of their custom payloads.

The Cargo Landing Gear can be used for package delivery, LiDAR setups, logging, LED lights, medical delivery, and just about anything in between.

The system uses a modular clamping design based on 25mm and 15mm tubes that allows the user to customize the system quickly and easily. By purchasing shorter or longer 25mm or 15mm tubes users can make the gear fit their use case.

The system includes the heavy-duty version of the Toad in the Hole Quick Release (4mm fasteners) along with a variety of M3 and M4 hard mounting points on the main payload mount. The main landing gear quick releases for easy pack down at the end of your mission.

Accessory clamps, tubes, and a cargo tray are available to further optimize the cargo landing gear.

  • Toad in the Hole Quick Release (M4) included (for attachment to Alta)
  • M3 and M4 mount points for payload (mounting pattern here) with optional Toad (Male)
  • Pop-n-lock Mount points
  • 25mm tube main structure, 15mm tube leg and crossbar structure
  • Weight in flight: 3.35lbs/1.52kg
  • Max payload clearance (from ground level to crossbars): 400mm / 15.75"

Optional Accessories

  • Optional Cargo Tray (pictured but not included in this kit)
  • Optional direct mount option (bypasses isolation system)
  • Optional Payload Toad in the Hole Quick-Release Male & Receiver (you'll need to adapt it to your payload)
  • Optional pop-n-lock mounts (25mm)
  • Optional accessory clamp mounts (15mm & 25mm)
  • Optional 15mm leg lengths (180mm, 250mm & 350mm, pictured but not included)
  • Optional 25mm end crossbars (250mm, 350mm & 400mm)

Tech Specs

  • Cargo Landing Gear mounts to aircraft via included Toad in the Hole Quick Release.
  • Underside mounting pattern for payload integration is available here
  • Max payload clearance (from ground level to crossbars): 400mm / 15.75"
  • For some use cases you will want to use vibration isolation, for others it might be better to hard mount to aircraft for lower weight and higher rigidity.
    • For hard mounting to the Alta X, you will need to remove the OEM isolation system, and replace it with the optional Alta X Short Quick Release

 In the Box

    • Qty 4 - 450mm 15mm landing gear legs
    • Qty 2 - 350mm 25mm crossbars with Toad in the Hole mounting bracket and 25mm end crossbar brackets
    • Qty 2 - 180mm 25mm end crossbars
    • Qty 2 - 365mm 15mm strut supports with a 15mm T-Clamp at each end
    • Qty 1 - Toad in the Hole Quick Release (M4)
    • Qty 4 - 25mm to 15mm Aluminum Leg brackets


    • Freefly Drone Systems
      • Alta X (all variants)
      • Alta 6, Alta 8 and Alta 8 Pro
    • Optional Accessories to expand functionality


    *Photos and Pictures for reference only


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