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910-00649 Freefly SL8-Air Battery (Please order together with Astro)

910-00649 Freefly SL8-Air Battery (Please order together with Astro)

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SL8-Air Battery

Shipping rates for this item apply to EMS or small sized air packet only. 
Since battery inside the product, it is prohibited to ship by post office (including EMS, Airparcel, surface parcel). 
Separate email for the extra funds required will be sent after order placed. 
Or please put remark during ordering process or 
email to us for a manual re-calculation for you.  
Appreciate your understanding.  Thank you very much!


Product Details



SuperLight Air Batteries are designed for rigors of flight and ease of use with Astro. 

Built-in battery management eliminates the need for balance connectors. The microprocessor handles: charging, discharging, and health monitoring. The OLED display indicates the state of charge, voltage, current, and more. 

We added a USB-C Power Delivery port to charge your devices (even your laptop!)



    Tech Specs

    • Gives Astro up to 37 minutes of flight time, per pair: 
    • Voltage: 21.6 V (6S)
    • Capacity: 7.3 Ah, 157 Wh
    • Weight: 2.25lbs
    • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
    • Auxiliary output: USB-C Power Delivery (up to 60W)
    • Designed and Assembled in USA

    In the Box

    • Qty 1 - SL8-Air Battery (157 Wh)


      Battery Shipment Consideration

      • Batteries cannot be shipped internationally via UPS. FedEx only.
      • Due to extra processing time at FedEx, shipping times are not guaranteed for hazardous goods.
      • The following countries do not allow air shipments of LiPo batteries. For a full list click here.
        • Argentina
        • Aruba
        • Barbados
        • Bolivia
        • Brazil
        • British Virgin Islands
        • Cambodia
        • Chile
        • China
        • Colombia
        • Costa Rica
        • Ecuador
        • Egypt
        • Ethiopia
        • Fiji
        • French Guiana
        • Georgia Republic
        • Greece
        • Greenland
        • Grenada
        • Guatemala
        • Guyana
        • Haiti
        • Honduras
        • India
        • Iraq
        • Kenya
        • Mexico
        • Mongolia
        • New Zealand
        • Nicaragua
        • Pakistan
        • Panama
        • Paraguay
        • Peru
        • Qatar
        • Romania
        • Russia
        • Saudi Arabia
        • Suriname
        • Trinidad and Tobago
        • Turkey
        • Uruguay
        • Venezuela

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