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910-00688 Alta X 12S Flight Pack - 16AH 15C (Single Battery)(Please order together with Alta X)

910-00688 Alta X 12S Flight Pack - 16AH 15C (Single Battery)(Please order together with Alta X)

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Alta X 12S Flight Pack - 16AH 15C (Single Battery)(Please order together with Alta X)

Shipping rates for this item apply to EMS or small sized air packet only. 

Since battery inside the product, it is prohibited to ship by post office (including EMS, Airparcel, surface parcel). 
Separate email for the extra funds required will be sent after order placed. 
Or please put remark during ordering process or 
email to us for a manual re-calculation for you.  
Appreciate your understanding.  Thank you very much!


Product Details


Power your Alta X with the batteries we use, that fit perfectly! Recharge rapidly using an XT-90-capable 12S LiPo battery charger, available separately.

Each Alta X flight requires a pair of 12S batteries like this one. Flight times will vary based on payload and flight conditions. See Alta X Flight Manual for estimated times by payload.

These are a new generation of the flight packs and have the feature removed for the balance lead clip, if your leads have this clip, you will need to remove it the lead connector to fit the battery connection. 


Alta X uses two batteries at a time, but these are sold as a single battery.



  • Alta Flight Packs shipped via an air method (Express Saver, 2nd Day, Overnight, International Economy or Priority) require a hazmat surcharge per every 1-2 batteries ($70 for international and $46 for domestic).
  • Freefly Systems reserves the right to change shipping methods / carriers for orders containing lithium batteries.
  • These batteries ship separate from the rest of your order and may take 1-2 additional days for processing before shipment.
  • LiPo batteries require occasional maintenance during storage. See Resources for additional information.
  • Please handle all batteries with care.

Tech Specs

  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Capacity: 16Ah
  • Voltage: 44.4V
  • Connector: XT90S
  • Max Continuous Discharge: 15C
  • Max Burst Discharge: 30C
  • Max Charge Voltage: 4.2V per cell
  • Minimum Discharge Voltage: 3.0 per cell
  • Dimensions: 224mm x 163mm x 90mm
  • Weight:
    • 4.47kg / 9.85lbs per battery
    • 8.94kg / 19.70lbs per pair


      Alta X Support - Resources

      • Alta X Flight Pack Safety Manual
      • Alta X Flight Pack Maintenance Guide

      Battery Shipment Consideration

      • Batteries cannot be shipped internationally via UPS. FedEx only.
      • Due to extra processing time at FedEx, shipping times are not guaranteed for hazardous goods.
      • The following countries do not allow air shipments of LiPo batteries. For a full list click here.
        • Argentina
        • Aruba
        • Barbados
        • Bolivia
        • Brazil
        • British Virgin Islands
        • Cambodia
        • Chile
        • China
        • Colombia
        • Costa Rica
        • Ecuador
        • Egypt
        • Ethiopia
        • Fiji
        • French Guiana
        • Georgia Republic
        • Greece
        • Greenland
        • Grenada
        • Guatemala
        • Guyana
        • Haiti
        • Honduras
        • India
        • Iraq
        • Kenya
        • Mexico
        • Mongolia
        • New Zealand
        • Nicaragua
        • Pakistan
        • Panama
        • Paraguay
        • Peru
        • Qatar
        • Romania
        • Russia
        • Saudi Arabia
        • Suriname
        • Trinidad and Tobago
        • Turkey
        • Uruguay
        • Venezuela

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