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910-00746 CCW Single Motor Propeller Set for Alta X (orange tip)

910-00746 CCW Single Motor Propeller Set for Alta X (orange tip)

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CCW Single Motor Propeller Set for Alta X (orange tip)

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This pair of replacement counter-clockwise props for Alta X can be swapped out in the field if you have a damaged blade or blades on booms 1 or 3. 

Props are supplied as a weight matched and balanced pair. Only fit props in the factory supplied pair.

You may have props on your Alta X that do not have orange tips like these do, but they are interchangeable. You can mix and match between black and orange tipped props on your Alta X with no change to flight performance. 

These props do not include the ActiveBlade center hub. If you need to replace the whole prop assembly including the ActiveBlade, you want CCW ActiveBlade (M4 Fasteners) or CCW ActiveBlade (M12 Motors).

See Alta X Flight Manual for instructions on removing and installing replacement prop sets.

    Kit does not include fasteners or Loctite (type 243 or equivalent). Uses existing fasteners for installation.

    In the Box

    • Qty 2 - Balanced CCW blades (1 paid of blades, for one motor)*
    • Qty 4 - Replacement 26x8 PTFE Washers
    • *Kit does not include fasteners or loctite (type 243 or equivalent). Use existing fasteners for installation.


    • Any variant of Alta X 
      • 950-00100 of any configuration with DJI M12 motors
      • 950-00118 of any configuration with X9 motors
    • Alta X props with orange tips are interchangeable with all black props and can be mixed on a single aircraft. 


    *Photos and Pictures for reference only


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