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MK Robbe ROXXY 2827-35

MK Robbe ROXXY 2827-35

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MK Robbe ROXXY 2827-35

In contrast to the 2827-34, this motor has a shortened shaft, which simplifies the mounting of 2 motors on one boom (top/bottom).
Instead of the green/yellow color typical of Roxxy, this motor is black. Furthermore, it has approx. 50cm long motor leads.


Technical specifications

Number of cells lithium:


Number of cells NC/NiMH:


load current:


Load current max. (60 sec.):


Idle speed:

760 rpm/v

Propeller size:



max 76%

shaft power:

approx. 110 W

thrust max.:

approx. 820 g

Total weight (with cable/adapter):

about 57g



shaft diameter:



Thrust over current characteristic

flight time

How to estimate the flight time of a microcopter with these motors is described here:

flight time


direction of rotation


rotate "clockwise" (viewed from above)

Motor connection:

  • A = grey
  • B = blue
  • C = black


rotate "counter" clockwise (viewed from above)

Motor connection:

  • A = blue
  • B = grey
  • C = black


Recommended propeller

  • EPP1045 - Propeller (10 x 4.5") to 4S Lipo


Replacement ball bearings

Specifications in mm (metric) and inches (inch)

The sizes above:Designation: R2 5ZZ

  • mm: axis (d) 3,175; Ø outside (D) 7,938; Width (W) 3,571
  • inch: axis (d) 0.1250; Ø outside (D) 0.3125; Width (B) 0.1406
  • inch: axis (d) 1/8; Ø outside (D) 5/16; Width (B) 9/64

The sizes below:Designation: R2 ZZ

  • mm: axis (d) 3,175; Ø outside (D) 9.525; Width (W) 3,967
  • inch: axis (d) 0.1250; Ø outside (D) 0.3750; Width (B) 0.1562
  • inch: axis (d) 1/8; Ø outside (D) 3/8; Width (B) 5/32

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